Sunday, March 20, 2005

Other DQ discussions


I'm still reading Don Quixote, though I haven't progressed much, if at all, since last I posted.

If anyone else is still muddling along, you may be interested to know that another discussion of the book is set to get underway in April at 400 Windmills. Contributors there have already posted some interesting links and background (with some overlap of what's been presented here).

I, for one, feel a little invigorated by this, that a conversation is about to start and I'm already a few hundred pages ahead and thus in good shape to actually think about what I've read.


Blogger Zee said...

I picked up my book again today, and enjoyed a short but good half hour read. Will get back to reading again tonight. I had this dream last night and Don Quixote was in it, as well as all you fellow Well-Educated Minds. ;o) Of course, I had to stop by! I just realized I didn't have W-EM on my blogroll, and was missing out on the updates. Unforgivable!

Thanks for posting the 400 Windmills link, Isabella. It's nice to see others who appreciate the marvelous work that Don Quixote is.

2:19 PM  

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