Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Don Quixote Kickoff

OK, I'm just going to start this... This will be more of a housekeeping entry. ;)

I thought it might be nicer to have a record of our discussions all in one place than scattered emails. Does this format work for everyone? In lieu of me posting and others merely commenting, I was thinking that everyone who wants to can sign up as a poster here. I know that it's an easy thing to set up; I just haven't actually done it before. If you comment here on this post, I'll go ahead and play with that, with getting you your own poster status. Maybe you need to set up your own blogger account/profile first? We'll work that out.

I am still anxiously awaiting the arrival of my coveted Grossman translation. I'm embarrassed by this because I have a perfectly good version of the book literally within eyesight, but I so want to enjoy this (versus trudge through it) that I am going to treat myself to the much-lauded version instead. On the other hand, it's a long book and I don't want to be stuck with having to cram it all into the last two weeks of the month, so... I'm off to Borders now to sneak in a few chapters.

Has everyone else started reading yet? I am so looking forward to this!


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